Saifor Gitex 2015

Cliente: SAIFOR
Event: GITEX 2015
Stand size: 77m²

The annual GITEX trade fair held in Dubai is one of the most anticipated dates in the trade fair calendar for Catalan tech company SAIFOR. Due to the fact that much of the company’s business is done in the United Arab Emirates, SAIFOR always opts for an exhibition that really stands out from the crowd, a stand that will attract potential clients and serve as a meeting point for its long-term customers.
Towering, elegant and striking are some words we would use to describe their booth. We positioned the company’s flagship product in the centre of the stand to attract visitors. Once inside, the sales team were able to entice new customers.
The stand consisted of an elegant open-plan meeting room, two product demonstration areas and a storage room.
Above the stand, an aerial display helped visitors to locate the booth and doubled as overhead illumination.
A clean, organised and corporative booth.