Expodental Nobel Biocare 2016

Stand for Expodental a IFEMA Madrid 2016.

Project:  Custom stand, design and assembly
Event:  EXPODENTAL 2016
Size:  115m²
Created by:  byQUAM, stand design and production

The strategy we adopted for this project was: Sales, Brand Positioning, New Product Presentation and Customer Loyalty.

We adapted this custom stand to cater specifically to the client’s needs, successfully fusing the different work areas of the booth with the global image of the brand.  

To catch the attention of passers-by, the company’s latest products were strategically placed around the perimeter of the stand in lacquered matte MDF display cases. These furnishings were set off by urn-shaped glass openings illuminated by cold light LEDs. This finish presented the product in a clean and organized way, similar to the displays at a jeweller’s or optician’s.



Other countertops in matte white MDF were also added so that staff could attend to clients and explain other services that the company offers.

In the centre of the stand we installed a discreet, highly functional sales point near the bar so that the staff could have an informal coffee with the client.

Towards the back we placed a counter which served as both a client information point and work area for the Nobel Biocare staff.

A spacious storage area (for catalogues, catering supplies etc.) was built in to the stand and hidden from view.



Last but not least, we designed a semi-private office with a transparent glass front. The interior was decorated with four Le Corbusier-style sofas, a small coffee table and a filing cabinet to store documents.

Aesthetically, the stand was created to position the brand as a market leader in its sector. Nobel Biocare’s own company guidelines helped enormously to create a minimalist, organised and avant-garde space.

Crowning the booth, a ceiling was suspended from the IFEMA trade show roof. We made sure that the company logo was highly visible on this section, making it easy for visitors to locate the stand.


As far as technology is concerned, the stand was equipped with Mac monitors, vertical touchscreens and a large plasma wall.
All in all, our custom stand for Nobel Biocare at the EXPODENTAL 2016 was a resounding success.



3D stand view for the client


 Stand map