Booth for GCR Group in Düsseldorf

Project: Stand decoration. Assembly and production
Client: GCR Group
Event: K-2016
City: Düsseldorf | Messe Düsseldorf
Size: 162 m2 (93,7 m2 on surface and 68,4 m2 on plant)
Created by byQUAM | Experience Design

stand feria dusseldorf

From byQUAM once again crossed the border from Barcelona to Dusseldorf to bring to the visitors of the K-2016, the most important plastics and rubber industry world fair, a new experience where design and presentation are given encounter in a fair upscale.

stand GCR frente

This time, two were the main challenges we face to meet the needs of GCR Group, a leader in Europe and one of the world's major references in the development of environmental solutions for the plastics industry.

stand para GCR group

The first challenge was to carry out the project in just 6 months, enough time but where numerous meetings with the client and the organization of the fair happened to please everyone not only in design and structure, but also according to requirements of fair rules such as height, fire safety and use of approved materials.

stand GCR iluminacion

The second challenge was that although we always worry to capture and shape the brand identity of the customer and its ecosystem, this time we start from specific premises to transmit to us they wanted a neutral stand, clear, large and where technology had much of the role.

proceso instalacion stand GCR

Both challenges were largely solved with a spectacular stand at two heights, where white and backlight potent gave feeling of cleanliness and transparency at the same time highlighting the main elements, in this case different company logos, high definition screens, projections on surfaces and a catering area at the bottom of the stand in which visitors were seen clothed, never addressed by commercials brand while enjoying different appetizers.

diseno stand GCR group

The top was reserved in its entirety for a space with 5 meeting rooms which carry out private presentations. One broader and more reserved for VIPs character.

The meaning of these rooms is inviting the most privileged visitors to know deeply GCR Group, and for that details were careful as using carpet to provide warmth and comfort, as well as a distribution where glazed areas and an open roof gave the feeling of openness at the same time the privacy is remained, necessary in these cases.

stand GCR lateral

The byQUAM touch beyond the requirements was to established a double-height (one floor facing the audience where "invite to visit the stand" and another in height where tucking the guest) and the perfect combination of what to keep tune with the environment, and what we want to emphasize in front of the pure white. All this of course built with the finest materials such as MDF with lacquered finishes

Definitely a stand consistent with everything required but with that personal touch with which to surprise customers, visitors and hosts.

instalacion decoracion stand GCR