Corporate booth for Grupo Mahou-San Miguel

Project: Custom booth. Design and assembly 
City: Lleida | Fira de Lleida
Size: 100 m2
Created by: byQUAM | Experience Design

Fira Grupo San Miguel 2

For the fourth consecutive time, from byQUAM we are privileged to have the confidence of the prestigious Grupo Mahou - San Miguel, for the unmissable date that the worldwide recognizable brewing has with its customers and with its original city year after year, at the Agricultural Fair of St. Miquel.

Fira Grupo San Miguel

This fair is not only important for the group to be integrated into the framework of activities of their hometown, Lleida, but because it is one of the most important in its sector and attract a large number of visitors already predisposed to visit the stand by his fame and the attractiveness of its activity.

This factor serves to comfort a powerfully visual and attractive environment, and functionality take precedence when making the design of the stand. Factors that we absolutely fulfill dividing the space into two zones: one fully open ready to meet anyone who wants to enjoy the brand, and a second space prepared to meet personalities in a private space but without losing contact with the environment and the public.

Fira Grupo San Miguel 3

Both distributions were connected by the best link between brand and customer: a full bar with beer shooters whose powerful and attractive design inviting you to participate visualizing the entire ritual of beer served.

A third area served as a warehouse hidden in the back area, from which delicious snacks were served to pair with different beers of San Miguel.

Finally, the stand was consistent when moving the corporate message of the company, using different graphics and styles that projected the international face of the brewery, first in exporting to Asia and broad presence worldwide

In short, a clean, elegant and spacious stand where through the quiet tasting of the product can know the history of the brand.