Booth design for EUROSETS in EACTS

Project: Custom stand, production and assembly
Event: EACTS
City: Barcelona | CCIB
Sizze: 63 m2
Created by: byQUAM | Experience Design

stand eurosets

For the stand that the Italian communications agency WithYourGroup hired us for their prestigious client, Eurosets, we fulfill more than to two of the greatest challenges we may face when riding a design stand for an international fair: a montage providing on time only two days to do so and a design that took advantage of the millimeter medium-capacity space.

stand eurosets iluminacion

Thus, for the EACTS congress, held from 1 to 5 October 2016 at the International Convention Centre of Barcelona (CCIB), Eurosets was presented with a striking and spectacular stand of 84m2 where absolutely all the visible space was devoted to the service of the visitor.

stand eurosets frente

For maximum use of space, the stand was open to the four streets, being accessible from either side, and divided into two areas: one to cater for those visitors who approached the stand for a first contact with Eurosets, for which mixed high tables available between product showcases where demand information about it at the same visualized, and a second area equipped with sofas, perfectly willing to meet more relaxed those customers that needed more detailed information.

stand eurosets atras

Both areas were connected by an arch spanning the stand reaching a height of 4 meters at its highest point, serving a double function: as attractive decorative element separating the two rooms, and as powerful claim making visible the stand from any point of the congress. To we do not hesitate to provide the structure of backlight by methacrylate in the narrow apex.

stand eurosets lateral

Moreover, in both pillars as storage space it took advantage to keep coats, merchandising and the catering that was offered in a bar at one of the sides to meet more personalized to customers. A space that was not only functional at the same aesthetic but was also designed to support the arch and communicate through large format graphics.

In short, precise design, where each space sum and where each element performs its function, which is simply to satisfy both the customer and the exhibitor.