ASICS Zurich Marató de Barcelona 2016 Stand design and assembly

Project: Custom stand, design and assembly
Client: ASICS
City: Barcelona | Fira de Barcelona
Size: 1.445 m2
Created by:
byQUAM, stand design and production

ASICS 2016 1

It is always a challenge to design, build and assemble a custom stand for Asics.  The sheer size of the stand and the short amount of time available for assembly meant that the byQUAM team had to plan everything down to the last detail.

With more than 1.400m² at our disposal, ASICS set us some objectives for its booth at the Expo Sports trade fair: decorate, communicate, connect, transmit emotions, showcase new products, attract new clients and promote customer loyalty. This particular trade fair is always held two days before the Zurich Marató de Barcelona, one of the world’s most well-established marathons with more than 20.000 participants.

ASICS 2016 5

The trade show received more than 80.000 visitors and it was Asics’ intention that all of them stop by their stand. Strategically located at the main entrance of the event, they achieved just that.

To create a more personalised and unique space inside the booth, we decided to raise the perimeter walls by 7m and decorate them with Asics corporate branding. Once you were inside, the feeling was indescribable.

ASICS 2016 6

The following spaces were designed for the interior of the stand:

Product showcase area:     Direct marketing.
Exhibition area:  A stage where dancers entertained visitors.
Demonstration area:  Central area where visitors could analyse their running stride.
Information areas:  For talks on different products and the latest innovations.
Product launch area:  An exclusive corporate space designated to present top-of-the-range products for the most demanding runner.

ASICS 2016 2

This byQUAM design transmitted expertise, proximity, fun and a passion for running and the ASICS brand.

ASICS 2016 4

It took four days for more than 30 experts to complete the decoration of more than 1.400m² of floor space. Carpenters, painters, lighting experts, sign printers, cleaning staff, audiovisual technicians, site managers and assembly managers all worked tirelessly so that we could meet our deadline. Mission accomplished!