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Coinciding with the Barcelona Marathon, By Quam designed a spectacular stand for this year’s Exposport trade fair.

Occupying an area of 1,049m2, the stand received more than 100,000 visitors during the trade show.
We focused the stand on EXPERIENCE and SENSORIALITY. Schematically, it imitated the shape of a stadium. Videos, slogans and advertisements were projected onto its 17m x 3m lateral walls to immerse the visitor in the world of Asics.
On the main walkway, four display cases exhibited the different types of Asics footwear.
Asics latest range of trainers were elegantly shown off in white lacquered MDF display cases whose backlit interior gave the effect of a runner’s stride.
The stand also hosted different areas of interest to the visitor: FOOD ID SECTION, EXHIBITION AREA, CHANGING ROOMS, CHECKOUT, STOCKROOMS, RACE YOUR PACE ZONE…
To cap it off a DJ, dancers and video projections entertained the visitors with stunning choreographies.

Nobel Biocare | Symposium 2014 | Donosti

We think the words design, production, assembly and Mapping perfectly sum up the work done by By Quam at the Kursaal Congress Centre (Donostia – San Sebastián) for Nobel Biocare's 'Partnering For Life' symposium.

We themed different areas of the fantastic Kursaal building so that Nobel Biocare could hold its annual symposium in style. The 800m² exhibition area was decorated with different types of sales points, among them a dental clinic. To transmit the image of a company committed to technology and R+D, all of the areas were decked out with plasma walls, Macs and iPads.

What's more, we surprised our clients with a daring and innovative concept – a specially designed stage set to complement the talks. This set changed colour, appeared and disappeared and boasted 3D visual effects and sound.


Fair: GITEX 2014
City: Dubai
Costumer: Saifor

By Quam was given the task of designing and producing a unique stand for Saifor at the GITEX Trade Show, held in the spectacular city of Dubai.

We started off with a 6m high cube and opened it out diagonally in order to show what was inside. These sides were then accentuated using LED back-lighting around the perimeter. The combination of these two details transmitted technology and innovation, creating a perfect blend between our client's product and the decoration of the stand.
At 6m high, the stand really stood out and received a lot of attention from the trade show visitors.
Our client was very pleased with the result so, for us, it was a job well done!

I would like to congratulate you on your hard work and effort; our stand at Gitex exceeded all our expectations. It conveyed freshness, elegance and cutting-edge design, creating a perfect harmony between the stand and our products. Great work!

Jackeline Brea    

Marketing & Communication

Grupo Mahou San Miguel | FIRA SANT MIQUEL | LLEIDA

Fair: San Miquel
City: Lleida
Area: 114 m2.
Customer: Grupo Mahou San Miguel

We show through our stand the renovated spirit of Mahou San Miquel brand which is Young, Passionate, Explorer and Natural, in this special occasion which is the most important Fair of agricultural sector in Lleida, The San Miquel Fair.
The main element of our stand is recycling pallet, combined with a wooden panel painted in pure white and wood chip panel. The use of artificial grass and natural plants provide it with a natural and modern look.
There is a large counter bar with draught of beer and a couple of benches made of pallets and outdoor cushions which give our stand a lounge style to have a beer in a cosy atmosphere.
Our customer was very pleased with both the image and the service provided and the delivery of our work on time.

I wanted to write a few lines to extend our thanks and to say how satisfied we (both myself and management in Lleida) are with the work that you and your team have done. We were very pleased with your designs, dedication and speed at solving last-minute problems such as the project deadline and collection. The work you did was excellent and showed great professionalism.
What's more, during the trade fair many people came to ask us who had made our stand and congratulated us on the design.
I hope to work with you again soon!



Trade Show: Barcelona Marathon
City: Barcelona | Fira de Barcelona
Stand size: 700m²
Client: ASICS

The client requested a stand to deliver an experience of the ASICS brand to all the participants in the Barcelona Marathon.
The style and personality of the stand needed to transmit true sports, authenticity, proximity, friendliness and passion.
The stand resembled a start and finish line and its design conveyed the ups and downs of a race, giving visitors a very dynamic experience.
Spaces were also created for running analysis activities, textiles, a shopping area, DJ and talks.
More than 80.000 people per day visited the stand, experiencing and taking in the ASICS brand.



Trade Show: DRUPA
City: Düsseldorf
Stand size: 351m²

As the winner of an international competition organised by Chinese multinational XINGRAPHICS, By Quam were chosen to design and build their stand for the DRUPA trade fair.
Brand placement, growth, expansion, quality, transparency and solidity were the concepts transmitted by the architecture and design of this stand.
An abundance of white, cold light, designer furniture, a lacquered finish on new MDF furnishings and modernist decorations were a perfect combination for 12 days’ work at the trade show.



Trade Show: EXPODENTAL 2014
City: Madrid | IFEMA
Stand size: 110m²
Client: Nobel Biocare

By Quam created this spectacular stand for Nobel Biocare at the Expodental 2014 in Madrid.
The central element of this stand consisted of an impressive and curiously shaped 8m by 3m wall which was suspended from the ceiling.
The stand’s design created the impression that it had been divided into two parts, with the top half raised to a height of 6m. This aerial structure contained a 3x3 plasmawall at the front. On the other side, a marketing campaign detailed the company’s star services.
Die cut structures and irregular shapes gave the stand a minimalist, avant-garde look for visitors and clients.



Trade Show: LabelExpo 2013
City: Brussels
Stand size: 160m²
Client: Torraspapel – LECTA GROUP

Torraspapel requested a restyling of their corporate image to attend international trade shows. Organised, Open, Elegant and Corporative were the concepts to be conveyed.
Straight, elegant lines made up the architecture of the stand. Two cubist-style offices, a spacious meeting area and use of quality materials gave the desired effect for Torraspapel.
Serving as an overhead display, a large lamp lit the entire stand with cold light.